If you have a trade insurance, we advise you to report to your insurance company to get the fastest possible process.


When receiving goods, you should act as follows:

• Check that you are the consignee on the waybill.
• Check the packaging and condition of the packaging.
• Count and check the shipment so that it is correct according to the waybill.
• Sign off on the waybill if everything is correct. This should only be done by a qualified person.

If there are damage or if there are any deviations from what is stated in the waybill, you should:

• Do as described above in the first three paragraphs.
• If possible, take photos of the damage in the carrier.
• You must receive damaged goods.
• Note on waybill shortage or damage let the driver verify your notes and make a copy of the waybill before handing over the signed copy to the driver. This proves  that the damage was on reception of your consignment and that Scanroad has an opportunity to monitor where it may have happened and in this way avoid it happening again.
• Limit damage as far as possible.
• Notify Scanroad as soon as possible by email that there is a damage or shortage in the consignment.
• Fill out the claim form, see link to form.
• Be sure to save your copy of the waybill.

Damage discovered after delivery when unpacking goods (hidden damage) must be notified to Scanroad in writing, but no later than 7 calendar days after receipt of the goods. Should any claim be received later than 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to show that the damage or decrease occurred during the time the goods were in Scanroads care. If this cannot be demonstrated, the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in full condition.

Damaged goods and packaging must be stored so that further damage or reduction cannot occur during the time the matter is investigated if Scanroad would like to inspect the goods.

As property owner you are responsible for making claims and verify the amount with, for example, a commercial invoice.

For your claim, should proceed quickly and easily you should provide us with the following documents:

• CMR / waybill
• Copy of Commercial invoice or other document from the seller that verify the value of the item.   Furthermore, this document should contain the terms of sale (Incoterms). This regulates who has the right to claim damage and defects in the goods.
• Any repair bills if an agreement has been made with Scanroad for repair.
• Any photos of the damage.
• Other documents that may be relevant for the settlement of the claim, such as police report etc.

The investigation of the damage will take place with regard to relevant laws such as CMR, VTL industry agreements, which are invoked in Scanroads general terms and conditions such as NSAB. Hereafter we will contact you.